5 Best Android Password Managers Apps

The following are the 5 best android passwords which I have been using in my company:

1. aWallet Password Manager

aWallet is an easy to use and secure Android password manager App. This has enabled me to accses and organizes the passwords as well as private information. It is one of the best password managers which has the following features:

  • It can securely store credit card information, passwords, web accounts, credentials and other data.
  • It doesn’t have advertisement
  • It can restore and support back up of the data file which is encrypted to the USB android device
  • The android password manager as an automatic lock feature which can be configured for a specific period of time


This is an awesome android application which has enabled me and my entire staff to minimize the time wasted remembering the complicated passwords. Therefore, I am very happy with android wallet manager.

Download aWallet Password Manager

2. Keeper® Password & Data Vault

Keeper is another best android password manager which has very secure and easy to use password. The keeper password has enabled us to:

  • organize and access the private information passwords
  • seamlessly sync across all my tablets and android smartphones
  • create a strong password with the password generator which is instant
  • enjoy a peace of mind with protection of my data by the military AES encryption
  • securely stay with storage on keeper’s cloud security vault which is unlimited


Keeper has been passionate in protection of the most important data in my company. Hence, I can easily access my financial records, credit cards and other digital information which is critical. The word class encrypted security which keeper has assisted my company with includes: double encrypted syncing, 256 bit AES data storage and PBKDF 2 encrypted keys.

Download Keeper® Password & Data Vault

3. mSecure

mSecure is a password manager which has also kept my data to be safe and secure. In my company, we have no problem when the phone is stolen or lost. With M Secure password manager, it has safeguarded our website logins, credit cards and bank accounts. Thus, it beneficial since it has protected our identity, reputation and finances.

  • Other features of the password manager which are significant include:
  • Password generator which can create passwords which is un-guessable
  • Auto-backup to email and SD card which can keep the data safe
  • Optional self destruct which can prevent a hacker from attempting to guess the password of our company.


The mSecure password manager has been significant to my company because of the features highlighted above.

Download mSecure – Password Manager

4. LastPass

LastPass is a fast, easy, securely syncs and simple password manager which we have been using across all our browsers and devices.

The LastPass password manager has been a success to us because of the following features:

  • Update, add , delete sites, form fills and secure notes
  • Performance of complete security check on our fault
  • A 14 day trail. After the trail, we had to pay $12 per year lass pass premium security which is equivalent to $1/month.
  • Addition of images and audio recordings to secure notes


Download LastPass

5. Dashlane Password Manager

Apart from the password managers, mentioned above, dashlane has also made my company to be the best. It is not only life changing but also great. Through Dashlane password manager, we have been able to keep track all the passwords. In addition, we can encrypt and store personal information and passwords. Examples of private information include: credit cards, identification cards, emails and addresses.

The following are the key features of the password manager:

  • Password which is secure with encrypted AES-2566
  • Autofill forms and auto-login on any website. This can be done by clicking once
  • Encrypted and secure storage notes for other personal information


Dashlane has also enabled us to share notes and passwords in self destructing messages which have been encrypted. This is a great and easy to use app. In fact, we can synchronize over multiple devices.

Download Dashlane Password Manager

In conclusion, the above best password managers are currently being used by my company. When I got the information on how important they are, we decided to give it a try and we have realized that it is worth. From the above features mentioned above, the password managers have been a success in our company. Therefore, we will continue using the password manager and we continue being the best company.